Positive Mental Health Mission

Welcome to Vocalswords, I hope this site can provide inspiration to those of you hoping to change yourself or the world around you, or hopefully both, for the better.

I am Solocypher, and as an emcee I write for sister site the Vocalswords Hiphop blog. I am also Oli Perrins and in “normal” life I am a teacher; however I have recently left full time work due to a pretty massive mental breakdown involvingĀ a horrendous bout of depression which lasted around 9 months.

I have, luckily with the help of family, friends, and the wonderful NHS, began to slowly build myself back into relatively good mental health. I am hoping to document some of the discoveries I have made and hopefully will continue to make on this journey.

Mental Health is a huge problem and for me something that is inextricably linked to the way we treat ourselves, our relationships and our environment. I hope to explore some of these issues in more depth later, but for now I am going to kick off with some of the insights I have read and some of the strategies that have been recommended and that I have found useful. I hope this site can be interactive so please send any stories/ideas or tips this way so I can share.