Welcome to Vocalswords Limited. I am Oli Polidore Perrins, I started the Vocalswords HipHop Blog back in 2005 to celebrate my love of Rap and Hiphop culture. I studied and worked as a teacher since 2008 but a series of disillusions forced me to look for alternative ways of making an income.

I set up the company Vocalswords Limited in 2015, and ran a bookstall under the name Polyculture Books. This venture failed, I went back to teaching and suffered severe depression as I thought I would never be able to earn a living in any other profession. As part of my recovery, I discovered long distance running, audiobooks and Playwork.

Having the flexibility and freedom to reconsider business as an option I began investigating product ideas again and picked up a part-time role developing business links in Camberwell South London. Below are links to some of the projects I am now involved in; please get in touch if you would like to learn more about any of my work. I am constantly looking for contributors, collaborators and changemakers!

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